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About Mr. Barbecue

The Mr. Barbecue Sign

Mr. Barbecue was founded in 1962 by Tom Gallos along with the Carros Brothers, Andy and Nick right here in Winston-Salem, NC. It was good before but got even better in 1965 when Otis Pope and Leo Miller, master creators of barbecue, brought in their famous secret family recipes! Their recipes are so good that we still use them 50 years later! Today, Mr. Barbecue remains a family business with the son of Nick Carros, Jimmy Carros taking up the reigns! Jimmy is just as passionate about their world-class barbecue as his father and uncle were when they started Mr. Barbecue!

We slow cook our pork to perfection make everything from scratch. From our hushpuppies to our amazing sweet tea, everything is freshly hand-made the day you order it! We don't want to be some big corporate barbecue restaurant, we want to be the BEST Barbecue Joint around! Our staff is made of up of some of the friendliest people in Winston-Salem who can't wait to serve you some of our delicious food! So come on by and find out why we can confidently say that "Mr. Barbecue is the
BEST barbecue in Winston-Salem!"